“JTrust Coin” a unique form of currency

Utilizing the best of Blockchain technology.



  • JTrust Coin has value based on redemption in Silver.  
  • Value based on real assets, righteous principals and governed by wise counsel.


  • Investments of assets through Energy enterprise activities, Rare and Precious Metals, Real Estate, etc.


  • Is redeemable in cash equivalent of silver.
  • Universal Debit Card system will allow access to funds on a limited withdrawal basis providing liquidity. 
  • The JTrustCoin (JTC) will be traded on established exchange platforms.

Initial Security Token Offering of 777 Million coins

Each JTrust Coin = 1/4 Ounce of Silver

Token Name: JTC
  • Physical gold reserves are held by a certified, bonded repository.
  • Note, a purchase of more than one hundred coins will automatically give you an addition ten coins, or 110%. You may do this for every multiple of 100.
  • Investing in JTrust Coin may be done with debit/credit card, or other major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) through digital exchanges.. 

JTrust Coin Minting Guidelines

  1. There will ALWAYS be a minimum of 10% of precious metals based on Coins issued price put into the vault for storage and redemption purposes.
  2. Securitization of precious metals, silver, gold, platinum, etc. may be drawn on a limited basis for physical metal or fiat by coin holders.
  3. Vault metal reserves will be held by a Certified Bonded repository located initially in the USA and offshore as appropriate.
  4. Note: Additional minting of JTCoins and variants is at the discretion of the Jabez Trust management per the strict standards in place.
  5. Denominations: Redemption rate – One JTCoin = 1/4 ounce of silver.

A Digital Currency Redeemable in Silver.

The JTCoin is a Digital Currency.  Jabez Trust is committed to holding no less than 10 percent of STO funding in silver bullion reserved for redemption of coins.

  • Silver redeemable currency offers capital preservation and potential appreciation that gold can provide.
  • Agreement have been made with a major repository to be the Certified Repository for the silver held in reserve. 

A Truly Liquid Asset

Each JTrust Coin may be redeemable for 1/4 oz. Silver on a limited basis. JT Coins may also be exchanged for other Digital Currencies such as Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or cash equivalents in major currencies. IE. USD/EURO.

The value of your JTCoins may fluctuate as market demand dictates.  JTCoins are meant to be a store of value initially and ultimately used in monetary financial transactions.  Note:  There is a limit to the number of shekels that we will issue in this initiative.