Recommend a Ministry

Jabez Trust seeks to further the kingdom of God through gifting a percentage of profits from investments into worthwhile ministries around the world. 

For a limited time we are seeking worthy International Ministries.

As a thank you for sharing your favorite ministry, we would like to give both you and your qualifying ministry a Digital Shekel redeemable in the equivalent of 1 oz of silver.

This is a limited-time offer that will end once Jabez trust reaches our goal of Ministries or all Digital Shekels have been distributed.

Guidelines for giving and receiving your Shekel:

  1. Only one ministry per email address is allowed.  A confirmation email will be sent requesting authorization that this is your email address.

  2. Your recommended ministry must have an international presence.  In other words the ministry must have offices in more than one country or have clear evidence that it has missions in more than one country.

  3. You will receive a digital shekel redeemable for the equivalent of 1 oz of Silver 60 days after we have reached our goal. 

  4. Once you have received your Shekel you have one of the following choices:

    1. Redeem for the cash equivalent of 1 oz of Silver
    2. Retain for investment purposes
    3. Sell into the digital marketplace

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the initial release of a digital currency known as a Shekel.

    • Each Shekel is valued at 1 Oz of Silver, which you can redeem for a cash equivalent 60 days after the close of the ICO.

    • The goal is to issue 77,777 coins through a gifting process to authorized ministries by their own contributors.

    • Once the ICO closes, Shekel owners will receive a digital wallet to manage their currency.  Using this you will be able to purchase additional Shekels, trade for other digital currency or cash in the Shekel for the cash equivalent of Silver at the current value.

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