Fresh Insight into the Rapture and Revelation

Jesus taught that he would send a restoration of understanding before his return.  A prophecy repeated by the Apostles, but forgotten by the Church.  In our world today we are facing many challenges that threaten our health and livelihood.  How we live our daily lives is going to change and many are fearful of what is going to happen next.  But Jesus has the answers.

Forty years ago, God began a work in a young man taking him to heaven and through the span of eternity revealing insight into his Word to prepare the Church for his return, but commanded him to silence until the appointed time.

The appointed time is now and in his first book: Tell Them to Prepare – The Final Restoration, Jesus taught him fresh insight into the last days removing 170 years of the traditions of men created by Scholars who ignored two important commandments in the Bible, and replaced it with confusion and debate.  When these Bible teachings are taught in the correct context and these commandments obeyed, all confusion falls away.  Bible prophecy becomes clear and easy to understand.

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