Announcing the launch of “JTrust Coin” a unique form of currencies

Utilizing the best of Blockchain technology.

Redeemable in Gold, value driven by real assets. (IE. Energy enterprise activities, Rare and Precious Metals, etc.

Universal Debit Card system will allow access to funds on a limited withdrawal basis providing liquidity. 

Establishment of a currency that is based on real assets, righteous principals and governed by wise counsel.

Currency, goods, services, and property will be available to exchange for acquiring of other assets.

The JTrustCoin (JTC) will be traded on established trading platforms and is redeemable in the cash equivalent of gold.

Initial Security Token Offering of 777K coins

We are offering 777 Thousand coins in our initial STO

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to get in on the rising awareness and value of Cryptocurrency with your coins being linked to the value of Gold.

Each JTrust Coin = One Gram 24K gold

Token Name: JTC

Our STO gold and asset value cryptocurrency. Note, you will receive a blockchain address where your coin(s) are stored.

Physical gold reserves of the JTC only, stored in a TX vault.

Note, a purchase of more than one hundred coins will automatically give you an addition ten coins, or 110%. You may do this for every multiple of 100.


To invest you may write a check to Jabez Trust, send us a wire, or send us Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, or Ethereum. Fill out the contact form on the home page for us to send you the account/address.

JTrust Coin Minting Guidelines

Mint 777 thousand coins (tokens) during the STO

Additional coins may be issued only if there is a minimum of ten percent of metals in reserve based on cash equivalent of coins issued. And if there is an increase of 10 percent or more in market price of JTrust Coin.

There will be a Total minting of 7.77 billion coins over time. on a highly restrictive basis according to increase in coin value and Gold reserves requirements being maintained.

There will ALWAYS be a minimum of 10% of precious metals based on Coins issued price put into the vault for storage and redemption purposes.

Securitization of precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, etc. may be drawn on a limited basis for physical metal or fiat by coin holders.

Vault metal reserves will be held by a Certified Bonded repository located initially in the USA and offshore as appropriate.

Note: Additional minting of JTCoins and variants is at the discretion of the JTrust Coin management per the strict standards in place.

Denominations: Redemption rate – One JTCoin = One gram of gold.

Note 1: It is anticipated that the STO will consist of 777 thousand JTCoins at appx. $50.00 each. (Redeemable for 1 gram of gold.)

Note 2: The website domain has been redirected to until further notice.

A Digital Currency Redeemable in Gold.

The JTCoin is a Digital Currency. Jabez Trust is committed to holding no less than 10 percent of STO funding in gold bullion reserved for redemption of coins.

  • Gold Redeemable currency offers capital preservation and potential appreciation that gold can provide.
  • Agreement have been made with a major gold repository to be the Certified Repository for the Gold held in reserve.
  • Agreements for up to 50% net revenue of a high value assayed deposit of precious metals is being perfected at the present time. 

A Truly Liquid Asset

Each JTCoin may be redeemable for 1 gram of Gold, on a limited basis. JT Coins may also be exchanged for other Digital Currencies such as Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or cash-equivalents in major currencies. IE. USD/EURO.

The value of your JTCoins may grow as the market demand dictates.  JTCoins are meant to be a store of value initially, and ultimately to be used in monetary financial transactions.