Conference Call – April 22

Greeting Jabez Trust –
We had a very informative, Spirit-led conference call today.
If you missed it, we missed you.

Digital Currency

  1. We learned that our digital currency is poised and ready to move into action – Pending the Leadership of the Holy Spirit.  The powers that be are moving into position for God to take advantage of this move and we are sitting at the starting gate with the horses rearing to go.  Are you ready!?


  1. We learned about a powerful new product that could join with the Metalo-Nano Concentrate, called Solid Oxygen, and magnify the effective power of each compound together or stand on their own.  Making for an unstoppable resource the companies that help protect the public they serve.


  1. The current energy situation sounds bleak but is an opportunity in the making and we are moving where we can to position Jabez Trust to take advantage of the shakeout that is that beginning to emerge.

Will we be able to profit from these events and prepare the Church for the coming of the Lord?

It depends on you! 

We know you have shared the desire in the past.  Don’t miss out on what is about to happen and join us for the next conference call Wednesday, April 29th at 9:30 AM.

We need your presence and spirit to join with the Holy Spirit
to create unity, wisdom, and favor to be victorious in our calling!

Mark your calendars today!

Richard Billingsley, PMP
Project Manager

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