Pakistani Christians Persecuted! Denied Food!

Life is very difficult for Christians in Pakistan. Considered “infidels” in this Muslim nation, followers of Christ endure much hardship and extreme persecution. There are very limited employment opportunities for them, and many collect rubbish with donkey carts in an effort to make any sort of income to support themselves and their families. Denied Food […]

Muslim extremist denying food to Christians

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In several countries, our Brothers in Christ are being denied basic food unless they deny Christ and convert to Islam. JabezTrust is partnering with Blessed Hope International to provide food to as many believers as possible, NOW! This effort is being directed by Brad Spurlock founder of Blessed Hope Ministers who regularly ministers in these […]

Conference Call – April 29

Jabez Trust’s weekly Conference Call Summary. It has been a very busy week and we pray yours has been productive. If you missed the call here are a few highlights. JTrust Coin (JTC) Jabez Trust is moving forward with its plans to release the JTrust Coin and Shekel, which will be redeemable in gold equivalent […]

Conference Call – April 22

Greeting Jabez Trust –We had a very informative, Spirit-led conference call today.If you missed it, we missed you. Digital Currency We learned that our digital currency is poised and ready to move into action – Pending the Leadership of the Holy Spirit.  The powers that be are moving into position for God to take advantage […]

Website’s Merged & Updated

The two websites: and have been merged into one website. The domain is being redirected to All of the pages and data have been transferred to this domain and the old website will be removed.


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